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To our dance-loving supporters and community partners:

Enriching our local community through dance classes and dance performances has been at the heart of Florida Dance Theatre’s mission for the past 30 years.  We aim to inspire life-changing interactions through unparalleled performance experiences, professional training, and accessible community outreach. From exceptional live performance opportunities for youngsters and professionals, free Summer and after-school dance classes, to “Dance for Film” projects such as our Guardians of Hope and our STEM & Arts collaboration with graduate students at Florida Polytechnic University, we try to make you proud.  

It is your support of us that keeps us going.  It is you who make us want to be better. Our community deserves an innovative, home-grown professional dance company. Our community deserves an incredible outlet for aspiring dancers to achieve their dreams.  And, with your help, we can keep striving to be the best Florida Dance Theatre possible for the next 30 years.

Indeed, our 30-anniversary season is full of amazing opportunities to get plugged in and partner with us for another level of cultural exploration and impact. Exciting initiatives ahead include:

  • Golden Years Dance Project for the elderly

  • Magical Moments which gives students who are unable to afford dance classes a chance to perform live with a professional dance company and shine on stage

  • Collaborations with other organizations such as Girl Scouts, and the Florida Children's Museum to provide workshops, lecture demonstrations, as well as free and discounted admission to performances

  • Workshops for Breast Cancer Survivors through Watson Clinic Foundation's Bridge of Hope Program

These are just some of the incredible programs and offerings in store for our anniversary season, and we can't do it alone. With a major move to a new location ahead, including renovation of those facilities to create an exciting new studio space, your support means more now than ever and is what keeps us going. Your support will assist not only with our relocation, but also helps underwrite each dance class, outreach program, and performance we offer. 

Your investment in us is an investment in our future and the future of dance in our community. We are grateful for the dedication and generosity of individuals like you, those who believe the arts are an integral part of our growth and woven into the fabric of our societal being. 

With big (dance) moves on the horizon, we ask you to consider being a partner in our future. Please consider joining in our 30th anniversary campaign and growing with us this season, as we aspire to another level of arts empowerment and transformation for our whole community. Your support is crucial to the longevity of cultural enrichment in the communities we serve. 

A gift in any amount to our 30th Anniversary Fund is appreciated, and every donation makes a difference. Join us as we dance into the future and be part of the possible.

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